Winter is Looming…

With winter looming over us we thought we could give you some winter tips for your lawn. Kansas lawns will go dormant during the winter, but that doesn’t mean your lawn is safe from harm. It is important to keep debris, toys, excessive weight off your lawn in the winter so as not to cause a dead spot. It can also create disease as well as mice and pests to take shelter if not kept clear. They will burrow into a warm place and possibly cause a dead spot once they leave for spring. Even such things as lawn furniture can be overlooked. A quick sweep of your lawn before the first snow fall is very good idea.

Snow Covered Branches
Keeping your sidewalks and paths clean will keep people off of your lawn so as to not wear a path. It will withstand a moderate amount of traffic during the winter, but excessive traffic will keep your lawn from growing green and coming up due to compaction, which in turn smothers and creates a diseased or dead patch. I’m sure you all have noticed that ONE spot or path in your lawn that comes up a little later than the rest. This is why.

Many of you have had your last mowing of the season already, but if not, try to keep it at around .5-1″. This is the last notch or two on your mower blades/deck height. Make sure you mulch well. Keeping it to long will cause it to lay over and smother when it gets heavy from the frost. Too short and you could expose your crowns to the harsh winters and kill it from the bottom out.

On another note – if you are afraid you missed fertilizing your lawn you are mistaken. Contact us if you want to still get that in. It will protect, nurture and feed your lawns roots throughout winter and help it stay strong for a beautiful green come spring time.


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