Taking Care of Your Mower

Taking Care of Your Mower

At Target Lawn Care we aim to keep our mower in the very best condition! We do this in several ways and would like to share these tips and tricks with you.

1) Read the owners manual. The manual is given to you for a reason, to use it. In the owners manual, there are going to be instructions for taking care of the mower
the way the manufacturer intended.

2) Check the oil. You don’t want the oil to be black or have floating debris in it. Also make sure to reference the owners manual to make sure you’re putting in the correct type of oil.

3) Clean under the mower. You’ll want to remove any grass clippings that have gotten stuck underneath to prevent the mower from getting clogged.

4) Check the air filter. When clogged, the runner is not mowing efficiently. You may even be burning more gas than necessary.

5) Replace spark pugs. It’s very inexpensive and ensures an easy start to your mower.

6) Sharpen the blades. At Target Lawn Care, the blades on our mowers are sharpened every day. When the blade on your mower gets dull, instead of cutting the grass, it rips it. Sharpening the blade not only guarantees a better cut to the grass, but it improves the efficiency of the mower. Below is picture of grass clippings, one cut with a dull blade and the other with a sharp blade. Can you tell the difference?

Sharp VS Dull Blade


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