Our Plant and Tree List

Our current plant and tree list that we use and that is suitable for the Eastern Kansas area.



Crimson Pygmy Barberry – matures to 3’x3’, dense shrub w/ crimson foliage (does have thorns) but is a great contrast with dark green plants






Green Velvet Boxwood – the best of the boxwoods in my opinion, matures to 3’x3’ but easily sheared to maintain smaller shape and size, broadleaf evergreen with great green color





Caryopteris Petit Bleu – 3’x3’ mounding habit with blue purple flowers July – frost






Ivory Halo Dogwood – 6’x6’ compact round habit, light green leaves with cream margins and bright red stems for winter interest






Blondy Euonymous – 2’x2’ mounded habit, variegated yellow leaves w/ dark green margins






– Hydrangea Paniculata Lime Light – 8’x8’ Lime green blooms in summer that show shades of pink






Hydrangea Paniculata Pinky Winky – 6’x4’ two tone blooms in white and pink





Hydrangea Quercifolia Ruby Slippers – 4’x4’ rounded with large oakleaf shape leaves.  Large white flowers in summer  that turn deep pink.  Leaves turn shades of red in fall.




cd50254aeedcc641c1f0fcdd106aaff4Hydrangea Quercifolia Oak leaf – 6’x6’ white flowers in summer that change to light pink. Bronze fall color





cc04070Sweetspire Lil Henry – 3’x3’ fragrant white flowers in early summer, great orange-red fall color





blue-star-juniper-3Blue Star Juniper – 2’-3’ tall and 3’-4’ wide, silver-blue evergreen foliage





3053-grey-owl-juniperGrey Owl Juniper – 3’ tall and 6’ wide, silver-blue evergreen foliage





phopusw3602Summer Wine Ninebark – 6’x6’ pink blossoms in late summer, dark crimson leaves





Dknockout12ouble Knockout Rose – 5’x5’ produces double, red flowers spring through fall





peach-drift-roses_1Drift Roses – 2’-3’ tall and 2’-3’ wide, bloom spring through fall and come in varieties that bloom red, pink, peach, yellow and white





birds-nest-spruce-1Bird’s Nest Spruce – 3’ tall and 4’ wide, low flat topped evergreen shrub





a023f6_f0973de927cc4f169cc89fda67dee1b8Gold mound Spirea – 3’tall and 4’ wide, rounded shrub with pink blossoms in summer, new leaves are bright gold and mature to a yellowish-green




f389-03Densiformis Yew – 5’tall and 6’ wide, dark green evergreen foliage, extremely tough, great foundation plant





varlim75_thumbnailLiriope muscari variegated – 12” tall green and white stripe grass, blooms purple in summer, great for borders





liriope-muscari-formLiriope muscari Big Blue – 12” tall dark green grass, blooms in summer, great for borders





grass_karl_foerster_eKarl Foerster Feather Reed – 3’ tall upright grass with feathery pink/red seed heads, fading to buff in fall (5’ tall when seeded out)





2a7fdf347435db9c40c57b0f4858ec7aHamelin Fountain – 2’-3’ tall fountain shaped grass





miscanthus-variegated-japanese-silverJapanese Silver – 6’ tall with wide dark green blades with white stripes, topped with silvery white plumes in fall.


brunnera3Brunnera Looking Glass – 1.5’x1.5’ Slivery foliage with green veins, blue flowers with yellow centers in April-May, (shady areas)





5676562949_8717049947Dianthus Firestar – 1’x1’ grey-green leaves and bright red flowers, blooms May-July





5932_18Pow Wow Coneflower – 2’x2’ large bright magenta flowers early summer –fall





gaillardia-kobold-jpgGaillardia – 2’x2’ orange, red and yellow banded flowers  June- Sept.





stella-d-oroStela D Oro – less than 2’x2’ large trumpet like yellow-orange flowers, blooms early-late summer






Hosta – varieties come in varying sizes and colors range from dark blues  to bright greens and variegated with creams and whites.





5857166932_90ebcb6e4f_bMay Knight Salvia – 2’x2’ dark green leaves with dark purple flower spikes early-late summer




Shade Trees

a188-11Green Mountain Sugar Maple – 50’tall and 35’ wide, dark green leaves turn to shades of orange and scarlet in the fall.





a7cac276213e59bdcc5dbeeb06bd8538Heritage River Birch Clump – 40’tall and 30’ wide, planted for the black to brown to tan peeling bark, yellow fall color





honeylocustskylinefallSkyline Locust – 45’ tall and 35’ wide, small leaves produce a filtered shade (much easier to grow grass under) golden yellow fall color




Flowering Trees

449105Prairie Fire Crabapples – 20’ tall and 20’ wide, very showy pink flowers in spring, leaves are purple, maturing to reddish green in summer, change to orange-gold in fall





Forest Pansy Redbud – 20’tall and 25’ wide, purple flowers in early spring followed by scarlet-purple leaves.  Leaves retain a purple color through out the growing season and change to yellow-orange in fall.




7c0bd5ab60fce33844994be2676c960d-1Fringetree – 25’ tall and 25’ wide, upright dome shaped form produces clusters of white fringe-like flowers in May or June

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