Neighborhood Grill?? Only if You Live in Connecticut

Neighborhood Grill?? Only if You Live in Connecticut

Don’t get me wrong, I like to see new businesses come to our town. After all we can’t keep circulating the same money around and around. However, I also like and expect them to become part of our community.

It seems some new businesses come in and set up shop, then take our money and scoot back across a county or even a state line. They have no interest in supporting local charities, local sporting teams or events and in many cases even using local products and services.

I’ve heard all the excuses, “the economy is tough and we have to make cuts somewhere” or “they’re a big company and have trouble being involved in local activities”. I don’t buy it. The money comes from here and a portion of it should find a way to stay here.

Before you spend your hard earned money, I encourage you to do some research. After all, you vote with your dollars.

– Joe Flake

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