Keeping Your Trees Healthy

Keeping Your Trees Healthy

TreeWhen thinking of a tree, most people think BIG. With a big tree, you probably assume it requires a lot of maintenance as well. Think again! Trees are fairly simple to take care of and keep healthy. Just know these simple rules and your trees will be growing big and tall!

Rule # 1: Leave Your Trees Alone

This may be the most difficult rule of all. Leave your trees alone! They are much better at taking care of themselves than you could ever be.

Rule #2: No digging!

Trees roots are not always directly under the tree. When digging (especially with heavy machinery) you must pay attention to the relativity to the tree. It may not seem that close, but you could be right on top of their roots. Compacting the soil and damaging the root systems is a sure way to kill your mature tree. If you’re not the one doing the work, be sure to talk with your contractor or operator of the machinery about protecting your trees.

Rule # 3: Be Careful Mowing & Weed Eating

Any time your mower or weed eater is nicking the tree bark, you’re weakening the tree and increases its risk of acquiring a disease.

Rule # 5: Mulch

Mulch will help protect your tree from Rule # 3: Be Careful Mowing & Weed Eating. It also aids in keeping moisture in the ground and preventing weeds around the base of the tree. Anywhere from 1 to 4 inches of mulch would be ideal. The mulch should start a couple inches from the base of the tree and extend at least 3 feet away from the truck.

Rule # 6: Water of Fertilzer

Stated earlier in Rule # 1: Leave Your Trees Alone, your trees typically don’t need help from you to grow big and healthy. However, if a tree has been planted in the last 3 or 4 years, fertilizing and watering your tree may be beneficial. You need to be careful though, because too much can actually kill the tree. When applying lawn and garden herbicides, be careful to avoid areas close to trees. 

Rule #7: Avoid Pruning

Mature trees seldom need to be trimmed. However, suckers that come up around the base of the tree can be safely removed.

Rule # 8: Enjoy Your Trees


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