From the Owner

From the Owner

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“There are two kinds of oats, but the ones that haven’t been eaten cost more”

I saw this many years ago, but it still holds true today.  It’s easy to look at the ‘price’ and make a decision on products and services.  But what is the ‘cost’?

Target lawn care isn’t always the cheapest, but don’t be fooled just because it appears another company has a lower price.  We are the local, professional company.  When you’re serving your neighbors it’s important to operate at a higher level.

This year we’re celebrating 10 years in business!  We have many long term customers, and we take that very seriously. We want to earn your business and keep it! We take pride in ourselves with the relationships we have with our customers, our neighbors, our friends. When you allow a business like Target Lawn Care to take care of your lawn you are not only gaining somebody to “take care of your grass”, but you are getting an established, insured company who takes pride in the work that we do. You don’t get a 1-800 number and somebody random on the other line. You get me, the owner, Joe, and I will speak with you directly to answer all of your questions and strive to meet all of your needs!

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