Drought and WHEN to Water

It’s only February, I know, but we have had no precipitation to speak of this Winter and everything is already starting to dry out.

Start Watering Now.

Outside landscaping in particular, especially things that were planted last year, need to get something to drink. There’s also been talk about freeze coming in and killing things that are already sprouting. Most things that have started coming up already are pretty hardy and can take it. If you are worried on a specific night, just cover them with a blanket or tin. This will keep them warm and protect their leaves from the frost.

Water can be applied to landscape plants any time the temperature is above freezing and the soil is not frozen so that it can soak into the ground. Once the water is applied, the temperatures can drop below freezing and there will be no harm to the plants.

If you aren’t sure whether they need water stick your finger or screw driver into the soil and see how dry it is. Usually a good soak 6-8 inches in every 2-4 weeks is sufficient.

Although most outside faucets have a drain to prevent freezing, for safety reasons, it is best to remove the hose from the faucet and completely drain the hose and sprinkler once the water is applied. A hose attachment does not allow for proper drainage.




Information from Joe Flake and K-State

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