Why should my Lawn Care Company have a License for Chemical Application?

Danger Safety Buttons Shows Hazard Or DangerousWe recently renewed our license for Chemical Application and with this we must study and take an exam in order to be licensed and fully qualified. Along with this you must be properly insured in order to obtain the Chemical License. Once you obtain a license, at a minimum, this usually requires you to receive an annual inspection by the state to check proper safety procedures, record keeping and any violations. This is all to protect the company, environment and the customer. It’s also a good way to hold a company accountable to themselves and the public. As a company and a consumer we take this very serious. It’s making sure we know the proper techniques, procedures and applicable regulations prior to planting chemicals around your property and children. Lawn care and lawn mowing are completely different practices. We take pride in our work and also the fact that we are 110% sure you can count on us to be using chemicals safely and accurately. The exam includes covering specific turf management issues such as pests, fertilizer and pesticide application techniques along with equipment calibration. By Law it doesn’t matter where the products are purchased, or if they are natural, organic or man-made. If you apply any pesticides to a customer’s property for money, then a license is required. Many companies have been “flying under the radar” and to be honest it gets under my skin. This is not only unlawful, but dishonest to the customers we are “gaining trust and income from”. It is a dangerous practice, especially the commercial pesticides applied by professionals and there are steps to take to make sure you are hiring a legitimate company. Prior to hiring a lawn care company here are a few things you can do to make sure you are hiring a licensed and insured company: look for an ID number, simply ask the owner/operator for proof of their license, or call your local Agriculture office . Companies who are legal and have a license are required to have a number on their vehicle as proof of their license to the public. Find this code, write it down and contact the Department of Agriculture. Below are a few websites and a number to contact if you have questions or feel there might be somebody operating illegally.

Department of Agriculture Pesticide and Fertilizer (785) 564-6688

A list of qualified Applicators

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